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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I know there are many people worried about ”they”

but I have way more faith & belief in “us”

for when “we” become truly united and strong in our own power

“they” would not be much

we are everything encompassing this planet

the whole of this world

made up of 7.8 billion people!

that to me is so powerful!

way more powerful then a small “they” could ever be

imagine what we can do when we are truly in our power,

& rooted in our collective connection

when we rise our consciousness to critical mass

we can be strong

& rooted in love & compassion

to create a new way on Earth that has never been seen before.

I invite you to focus on “us” more then “they”

get your own self in order

everything that you believe others could do to you,

where do you have that within yourself

root out your own need for control

your own fear of losing control

let go of distractions

so we can rise to a new possibility

Claim your power

Empower yourself & others in real ways

Learn spiritual & practical tools

Let go of projections, misdirections, blame

or reasons outside of yourself as to why you can’t feel your own power

with scenarios of what “they” can do

for if we are all truly in our own power

“they” can do nothing

I would much rather put energy

into what we can do

then what “they” can do

look into yourself

really feel & know your own power

if we as a whole truly felt our power

nobody could take it from us

we can handle whatever comes our way

if we are united & whole

but its up to us

to rise in our consciousness & awareness to new levels

its time for us to claim our strength as a whole

its so obvious that we are connected

for better and for worse

and we collectively co-create with our thoughts

and what we are feeding and focusing on

use your imagination to fuel a possibility we want

to turn the tide

flooding light & love into our planet

and everyone on it

we need everyone on board

to flip the script

to raise the vibration of this planet to a new octave

Bring your “what if” scenarios

into the light to be dissolved

& bring them into love

bring yourself into this moment

the presence of Now

ever unfolding

feel love for each other & for yourself

in a radical new way

every day

rise your consciousness

the time has been coming

& the time is now

Copyright © 2020 by Imagika Om

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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

How are you all doing, Beloved Earth Tribe?

This past week was such a doozy for us all, feeling things shift & change with such an alarming rate, feeling so much of the collective wave moving through in new ways, having to let go of our plans, our gigs, our expectations, our stability, for what is making itself known to us right now.

This is a time of retuning of our priorities, & hopefully leads to a profound change in the way humans view one another, for this pandemic perfectly illustrates how interconnected we all are for truly, we are all one, & the sooner we can feel that the sooner this world will be a better place for each & every one of us.

Praying that all moves through with grace & ease & miracles assist us, praying for health & safety for all beings.

Of course let’s take the physical precautionary measures to take at this time, for ourselves & for others, such physically retreating when possible, washing hands, & boosting immune system, etc. To have whatever mindful provisions you need to take self-care, & to stay connected to family to make sure they are taken care of.

But this is also a time time to meditate

to connect to Source

to become comfortable with the unknown

stay grounded within our internal compass

having compassion for our fragile world & all beings on it

hold the flame of light in times of darkness

& peace in chaos

to turn fear into love regardless of all energies displaying themselves

Keeping thoughts of gratitude over thoughts of lack,

& to transmute all that needs to be transmuted, feel what we need to feel, release all that needs to be released, learn what we need to learn, & expand where we can expand, so when this cocoon is done, we are even more vibrant, more loving, & connected than ever before


sending love to each & every one of you,

Imagika Om