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Imagika Om is an aural alchemist; music producer, DJ, performer, event producer, teacher, world traveler, & life artist. 


Her mystical music brings together sounds that span the globe, & she has played her music from California to Morocco & Egypt, Italy to the Caribbean, Guatemala to Goa, Hawaii to Costa Rica, & many places in between.  She has weaved a magic tapestry of sounds & dance experiences in beautiful environments & next-level events throughout the world.   

A sonic ceremonialist, Imagika Om brews a potent blend of rhythms bending time and space.  Where movements ride the waves of our experience, probing possibilities, & unlocking magic through A cosmic dance of ancient essence.  An ecstatic cascade of release & rapture.


Imagika activates the dance floor with her unique style - a potent blend live remixes, loops & layers, live instruments & vocals that transport the dancer into another realm that defies genres, while embracing, celebrating, & elevating all that we are in that moment.  

Some of the ingredients in her unique sound palette include exotic, erotic tantric temple trap, tribal primal percussion, mid-tempo heartbeat house, lush latina bruja beats, ancient future fourth world sounds, ritualistic rhythms, world-fusion, organic EDM, deep devotional Om-step, shaktified sound-healing bliss, & of course, kundalini-raising bass.  


Her dance journeys flow deeply & deliciously, running the full spectrum of tempos & genres for soul-body activation.  She curates a pallet of possibility - she listens, watches, senses, sees and feels the dance floor - responding with what she knows the dancers want the most, always to the sweating prayers of the crowd.

Imagika was born & raised in LA, & is based in LA & Hawaii.  She has played everything from underground gatherings, private parties, celebrity hot-spots, club residencies, festivals, & large events in LA & California, to sacred sites & special events all over the world.  She has played Coachella Music Festival 5x, Lighting in a Bottle 4x, Envision Festival 3x, the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia, Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland, Alchemeyez conference in Hawaii 1 & 2, Symbiosis Total Eclipse Gathering, & the Great Convergence Gathering during Winter Solstice 2012 in Egypt,  Imagika has also played & performed in various camps (Roots Society, Fractal-Nation, Sacred Spaces, Entheon, Hooka-dome) at Burning Man through the years since 1999.  She is currently one of the DJs at the esteemed Kalani, known for being one of the major portals of ecstatic dance. she also periodically returns to LA for special events.

Imagika Om has collaborated with countless artists & performers through her career to co-create innovative, immersive experiences that integrate music, dance, performance, visuals, technology & spirituality, to merge the exotic & sacred with the modern, bringing the ancient & future into the now. 

  She has loved music & dance since she can remember, beginning her relationship with music as a dance performer & performance ritual producer in 1999.  Prompted by the desire to create a new way to dance & relate to music that was different than what was being played at the time, she created something that didn’t exist - remixing & producing music for her performances to further customize the experience.  Her reality expanded to producing & performing with groups such as Lucent Dossier, Dream Circus, Ayaserpent, Auracle, & Urban Gypsy.   She co-produced the score for "Isis Vision" with the Human Experience for a half hour multi-media performance at Burning Man right by the Temple.  She also co-produced "Maat Magic" for Lucent Dossier Experience's performance at Coachella's main stage, & produced "Breathe your Dreams to Life" which was performed by Lucent Dossier for the Dali Lama's 80th birthday celebration to 10,000 people. 


She delighted downtown LA as resident DJ at the famed Edison for the Lucent Dossier's nights, that drew celebrities & underground fans alike, creating & curating exotic & surreal musical soundtracks for 2 years every week.  With Lucent Dossier, she also brought her passion to venues ranging from the Liberty Theatre in NYC's Times Square, to a Venetian Palace on the Grand Canal in Italy for Elon Musk.  


Her performance background is reflected in her musical style, & is heard in her ability to create compelling, unique, atmospheric soundscapes for performances, environments,  & special events.  


She released her classic "Cosmic Sutras" album through Merkaba Music, bringing forth tracks are both earthy & ethereal, filled with primal beats & bass, mystical mantras, & atmospheric layers sparking cosmic remembrance. 


Over the years, she has also explored other genres with her own unique style, such as bellydance beats, latin grooves, & Goddess pop in her singles available now & she continues to dive deep, exploring new sounds & new music in the works.

Apart from her music, Imagika was initiated into the Sri Vidya Shakti Tantra path in India by Sri Amritanandanatha Saraswati of Devipuram in 2012 & has been deep in this lineage since then with other teachers & disciples in this path such as the late Psalm Isadora, Nisha Bhairavi, & Maa Uma-Parvathi Natha.  Imagika is authorized to teach Sri Vidya with her teacher's blessing.  She is also an initiated Priestess of the 13 Moon Oracle with Ariel Spillsbury, as well as a certified spiritual counselor with the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School lineage. 


She has been blessed to visit & study with many other great female spiritual leaders & teachers around the world throughout her life, such as the High Priestess of Bali, Ida Resi Alit, & has also studied drumming with Miranda Rondeau & Layne Redmond who wrote "When Women were Drummers.”  

Based on her spiritual sadhana, Imagika has created unique sacred dance, movement journeys & meditations.  She continues to share her knowledge at various workshops at festivals, temples, & retreats around the world.  Over the years she has helped many with their spiritual & musical evolution. She has been a music mentor & Ableton teacher as well as a spiritual guide through her various esoteric traditions.

Imagika devotes her life to connecting with the harmonic frequencies of space-time dimensions through the sacred & creative arts of music, meditation, dance, writing, poetry, nature immersions & cultivating life-art love magick every day.


She shares her life and love with her husband, the visionary artist, Vajra,  co-creating new ways to share these multi-dimensional multi-media transmissions with the world.  

With all her love, she invites you to join her in the dance of life.

Imagika Om is the embodiment of sound in motion. Both tribal and fierce, soft and sweet and everything in between. Her music is a synthesis of her experience, and ours.  As a producer, she produces music from the heart of hearts, the core of our universal being. Each one of her tracks is unique - yet you can hear her individual magic weave them together for one and all. She makes music like an apt lover; the same sensitivity she brings to her DJ sets. As a DJ, she thrives on the energy of the dance floor. She creates sets like a “choose your own adventure” - where she feels what is happening and responds like lightning the way the moon follows the sun. She has played private parties in Venice for Elon Musk with the same passion she brings to the sweaty dance floors in Hawaii and she never drops a beat. Always she sees what happens next with the percipients of the oracles at Delphi. If you are fortunate enough to catch one of her sets, I would be honored to see you in the dance floor”

⁃ vajra

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