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"Clearly a highly cultivated artist and performer, she has collaborated with Lucent Dossier on their weekly events and international excursions and appeared at many a west coast festival. She has a smooth and diverse style, mixing dub and tribal sounds, womps and melodic samples over heavy bass. It really is obvious that she’s a dancer herself, she has a way of choosing tracks that inspire the body." LA WEEKLY

 "I just want to say that this stage was amazing... I saw DJ IMAGIKA on Wednesday night and this woman killed it! I've never heard of her before but was on a mission to find out who she was. She rocked that floor and amazed me and my friends and I loved it so much! It was one of the best sets I saw in the desert and hope to see her again. Thanks to you for such a wonderful experience ~ I am a big fan and want Imagika to know that she blew my mind! Can't wait to get my hands on some of her mixes. If you could help me find her music, I would really appreciate it. TRULY AMAZING ~ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! LOVE! "-Jen Cruz

   At Coachella I was stumbling through the Do Lab on the way to the main stage and I heard this amazing set. I just had to know who was DJ'ing...and it was you. Beautiful music...  ~ Melinda Truslow (Quiksilver)

" You are living a dream I dream for myself and I want to say, "Hey" I am glad to see you pave the way for the Goddess in her divine temple of Dance and Sonic Alchemy." ~Shalom Maria

"Aerial artists climb chains or lengths of suspended fabric, spiraling through an astonishing show of strength and seduction. Sultry belly dancers writhe to an ethereal soundtrack spun by DJ Imagika." ~Evelyn Barge


"Imagika is as she dreams Her visions, cast in feminine soundscapes,  Are at once hauntingly familiar and elemental;  Mythic and Divining.  Listen ..."

"my favorite dancing moment of the entire burn. It was absolute RAPTURE. Thank you for creating such a special moment and allowing me to share it with you. You are a rare and precious jewel, a gift to this planet! ~Tom Hamilton


"I did not get to verbally express my gratitude for the amazing journey you provided. Your earthy style creates the most perfect ecstatic dance journey . You truly pave the way for a shamanic experience. So few truly understand how music deeply connects Spirit the way you do.  I am thankful to share this earth walk with you."  Aho

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