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Online Music Mentorship



Are you a songwriter, singer, aspiring DJ, or an instrumentalist wanting to produce music?  Now is the time to empower your musical journey, Unleash your creativity, amplify your skills, & learn the tools to share your unique sound. Let this year be your year, looking forward to guiding a few individuals called to start or finish their journey in the world of music. 🚀✨


Introducing an immersive music embodiment private music Mentorship that blends the realms of spirituality, goal setting, music creation, & technological mastery using Ableton Live.

zoom music mentoring sessions: go at your own pace

customized to your specific musical goals

Step into a world where the divine meets digital as we explore the profound connection between intention, music, and the transformative capabilities of Ableton Live.  This mentorship is designed to empower you as a musician, fusing your creative expression with the limitless possibilities of this powerful digital audio workstation.

Break through creative blocks & technological challenges

through an intuitive interpretation of music making

i’ll be sharing my sonic secrets & getting you set up for your specific music goals!

Explore some of the vast array of features within Ableton Live, unlocking its potential as a conduit for your artistic & spiritual expression.  There will be a meditational foundation to tune in to your inner musician as well as a focus on the technological tools you need to know to bring to bring your songs out into the world.


Music Production with Ableton Live: Unleash Your Creative Potential!

 Introduction to Ableton Live for song creation and performing live

  • Overview of Ableton Live's interface and key features

  • Setting up your audio and MIDI devices

  • Understanding session view and arrangement view

  • Creating and managing music projects

  • Make a song~track Arrangement and Workflow

  • Working with samples & loops

  • how to use synth plugins & electronic instruments

  • Understanding the fundamentals of mixing

  • Applying audio effects

  • Creating space and depth with reverb and delay

  • Working with vocals and vocal processing

  • Setting up a basic live performance/DJ rig in Ableton Live

  • Incorporating MIDI controllers and instruments into your  song making workflow &/or performance

  • recording acoustic instruments & voice for your compositions &/or performance

  • Vocal guidance if interested  

This will be a program for beginners to help you understand the basics of music-making & using ableton live for live performance &/or dj, & song creation, & will be a great launching pad to jump start your musical journey with live sessions, & workshop activities that inspire creativity, foster collective growth, & support empowerment, evolution, expression, spirituality, & technological innovation. 


  • All genders welcome, just centered on a more feminine embodied approach

  • You'll need a working laptop, ableton live installed (there is usually a 30 day free trial), i prefer working with people who are on macsa sound interface is recommended for best use of the sessions,, & we can chat more about the right gear for you in our sessions.

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"As a creative, the technical aspects of music software have always been a challenge for me. Imagika Om skillfully guided me through all the technical aspects of the Ableton software making it EASY to understand the structure and how to implement my creative ideas. But the even bigger bonus of this mentorship was being held in a creative container by her and encouraged to really explore what brings me alive musically and creatively and to follow my own joy. I so appreciated her helping me become technically competent so that I could really open up and create in my own way with Ableton. I highly recommend working with Imagika Om to become skilled with tech but to also to grow as an artist. Her calm, patient and encouraging presence was exactly what I needed to get back into creating music. Thank you Imagika Om!" - Erin Sky 

“Working together, she introduced me to incredible possibilities using digital audio creation tools like Omnisphere and Ableton, which allowed me to explore new horizons.”  Beatty

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