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music dj

event Producer

Available for Festivals, Private Parties, Public Parties, Resorts, Special Events around the world.


I specialize in creating beautiful & enchanting sonic experiences & dance journeys in immersive environments.  See my bio for more details and gigs I have played

movement meditation

Ecstatic and  meditative movement journeys in workshop or retreat spaces, with aspects of dance, mantra, Shakti Tantra, Sri Vidya,  Priestess Templework, Pleiadian Lightwork Healing

which can be integrated in workshop, retreat, or yoga spaces

Intuitive music production

Whether its commissioning me to make a track for you, your film, or 

Skype session learning how to use Ableton Live for live DJing or music production, finding your inner  intuitive musician or music production workflow assistance, Voice empowerment, message to find out more.

spiritual guidance

creative life coaching

Spiritual Consultation, Guided Meditation, Pleiadian Lightwork, Healing, Affirmations, Transformation, Belief Reprogramming, Life Coaching, Goal Planning, Out of the Box Thinking, help with New Projects, Inspiration, how to access your creativity Manifestation, Advice