The Imagi-Nation

We have access to so much information these days, it can be overwhelming & confusing at times. Its good to have some time to tune in & feel into whats real for you in your actual life as lived. Release mind clutter to remember your essential essence, & let your heart be your compass & guide

Lets be a bridge of what is to what can be

We are neurotransmitter atoms sparking remembrances on a path line of bridging thought forms. We blaze in new paths & are nourished by stars, reminding each other of our highest natures & possibilities.

We can be a bridge from what we see to what we can envision but it requires seeing what is now as it is & how we can work together to change it.

For those of us who are visionaries, the vision is the first step, the vision needs attention, much like seeds to flower, & work to transmute and uplevel the vision into reality within the world.

That is why being in balance is so important, it is just as important to be grounded in reality as it is to be in bliss. With our feet on the earth, & spirit guiding the way, to what we want to create, we can be a bridge.

What if we are here to help work towards liberation not just ourselves but for all beings? The work as sacred artivists can be as simple & profound as just holding space for others near us, & for others it can be inspiring others, for some it can be about actively changing it, & co-creating with each other in our own unique way. The foundation is seeing where we are now, acceptance for our humanity, having a vision fueling the movement & being the bridge between the two, to create what we want to bring out into world. What are you bridging into being?

Life is our greatest work in progress, & our biggest collaboration. I am feeling infinite possibilities & joy at what we have created together today & what we will create together tomorrow 💫

One of my favorite dreams/visions I had was seeing so many human stories, living the lives of these people, then zooming out to see how they made up the whole world then the whole universe, & that each story was part of holographic cosmic patchwork quilt, a whole universe. Poetry book coming


each soul journey

as the part of the Whole

liberates us all more and more

to activate the power within

to receive the gifts given

to rise to our fullest

simultaneously contributed

to let the true spirit

shine uninhibited


in each heart purified

clear and full of light

upon reflection

one can witness

within its multi-facets

a diamond shining forth

the brilliance

of the sublime


universally combined

reflecting the All

the One Divine


© Imagika Om