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Online Group Class & Meditation: Tuning into your Musical Self & Introduction to Ableton Live
~ March 9th ~New Moon~

Are you a songwriter, singer, aspiring DJ, or an instrumentalist wanting to produce music?  Now is the time to empower your musical journey, Unleash your creativity, amplify your skills, & learn the tools to share your unique sound. Let 2024 be your year, looking forward to guiding a few individuals called to start their journey in the world of music. 🚀✨


A beginning Ableton Class: introduction & overview of the basics. A class that blends the realms of music with spirituality & goal setting.  

technological tips on starting to use Ableton Live & the possibilities it holds for live use &/or music making. 

Explore some of the vast array of features within Ableton Live to start understanding the interface from a holistic level & unlocking its potential as a conduit for your artistic & spiritual expression.  This class will give you a great foundation on how to utilize Ableton & get you started on your musical journey to making your musical dreams come true!  


There will also be a meditation to tune in to your inner musician, declare our intentions on the new moon in a group to help inspire creativity, foster collective growth, & support each other's empowerment, evolution, & expression.

Start the path of bringing your songs out into the world!


No experience necessary!  

Price $111 or free with VIP mentorship package for a limited time

registration ends 2/29


"As a creative, the technical aspects of music software have always been a challenge for me. Imagika Om skillfully guided me through all the technical aspects of the Ableton software making it EASY to understand the structure and how to implement my creative ideas. But the even bigger bonus of this mentorship was being held in a creative container by her and encouraged to really explore what brings me alive musically and creatively and to follow my own joy. I so appreciated her helping me become technically competent so that I could really open up and create in my own way with Ableton. I highly recommend working with Imagika Om to become skilled with tech but to also to grow as an artist. Her calm, patient and encouraging presence was exactly what I needed to get back into creating music. Thank you Imagika Om!" - Erin Sky 

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