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"As a creative, the technical aspects of music software have always been a challenge for me. Imagika Om skillfully guided me through all the technical aspects of the Ableton software making it EASY to understand the structure and how to implement my creative ideas. But the even bigger bonus of this mentorship was being held in a creative container by her and encouraged to really explore what brings me alive musically and creatively and to follow my own joy. I so appreciated her helping me become technically competent so that I could really open up and create in my own way with Ableton. I highly recommend working with Imagika Om to become skilled with tech but to also to grow as an artist. Her calm, patient and encouraging presence was exactly what I needed to get back into creating music. Thank you Imagika Om!" - Erin Sky 

“Working together, she introduced me to incredible possibilities using digital audio creation tools like Omnisphere and Ableton, which allowed me to explore new horizons.”  Beatty

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