Magic Moon & Life Planner Resources

I have been using these goal planning processes for years to help keep me on track and manifesting my goals! 


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I have also included the Equinoxes & Solstices in both of these planners,


Spring equinox-plant the seeds of your intentions as life blossoms

Summer Solstice ~ celebration, name your wins, spend time in nature, have a sunset ceremony

Autumn Equinox-feel gratitude for the harvest of all you have done & all you have received

Winter Solstice ~ stillness & rebirth, the start of returning to the light again

For those who bought the Magic Life Planner & want to receive all the moon worksheets that are in the Magic Moon Planner, I have a download for sale on my shop for you!  Utilizing the moon is such a great way to keep your goals in sync with the extra juju of natural rhythms. 


I love using tarot to get clear on my intentions on the full & new moon,  

I have free tarot spread worksheets you can download in my shop

& heres a list of my favorite tarot decks:



these are some fun & helpful organizational extras for your planner: