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Creating from scratch

Romancing the Unknown

Making love to the New

remembering timelessness

merging the future now unfolding with ancient ways

The Ancient Future.

Where we go even deeper

and where we come to each other

with a stronger connection then ever before.

I am into the now & also the new

the next level

what is now & yet to come

moving moment by moment

while at the same time naturally

there is a moving forward

moving towards

the next

within every moment


merged with the foundation of our essence

our primordial nature, our essential self,

in infinite evolution

Do not seek to go back, that is where regression lives

There is no way to stay frozen in time, that is where stagnation dwells

our nature even in stillness is moving through time

moment by moment

transforming also means letting go of what no longer serves

so that something new can be birthed


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