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Magic Moon Planner 2024 ~ A Goal Manifestation Handbook ~ Pacific Time Zone


Also available on Amazon :


Set your intentions for 2024!  This planner helps you plan with the moon in mind & turn your resolutions & intentions into achievable goals.


-A dated monthly moon calendar illustrated with Full & New Moon phases for each month, & also includes Equinoxes & Solstices.

-Monthly moon questions for the 4 major phases of the moon for honing in on your intentions, to assess your progress & what you want to manifest each moon & month.  Tips on how to utlize the moon to fuel your goals!

-A weekly planner for jotting down appointments for each day in a weekly format.  Does not include a daily or hourly planner.

-Goal manifestation sheets for exploring what you want to achieve & manifest, get clear on your focus & your goal steps for the year and month with questions for reflections for the year & month, as well as monthly goal setting & progress pages

-Monthly To-do lists, Life Inventory, Abundance, Gratitude, Intention pages

The moon cycle in monthly view is based on Pacific Time Zone.

231 Pages

MAGIC MOON PLANNER 2024 Now available on Amazon!

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