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Creatrix : Online Music Mentorship 

2~8~24 - 3~7~24


Introducing Creatrix, an immersive music embodiment course that blends the realms of spirituality, goal setting, music creation, & technological mastery using Ableton Live.

Weekly zoom music mentoring meetings: Thursday or Saturday

11 hours total

Step into a world where the divine meets digital as we explore the profound connection between intention, music, and the transformative capabilities of Ableton Live.  This course is designed to empower you as a musician, fusing your creative expression with the limitless possibilities of this powerful digital audio workstation.

i’ll be sharing my sonic secrets & getting you set up for your specific music goals!

Explore the vast array of features within Ableton Live, unlocking its potential as a conduit for your artistic & spiritual expression.  There will be a meditational foundation to tune in to your inner musician as well as a focus on the technological tools you need to know to bring to bring your songs out into the world.


Music Production with Ableton Live: Unleash Your Creative Potential!

 Introduction to Ableton Live

  • Overview of Ableton Live's interface and key features

  • Setting up your audio and MIDI devices

  • Understanding session view and arrangement view

  • Creating and managing music projects

  • Arrangement and Workflow

  • Working with samples & loops

  • how to use synths & electronic instruments

  • Understanding the fundamentals of mixing

  • Applying audio effects

  • Creating space and depth with reverb and delay

  • Working with vocals and vocal processing


  • Performance and Live Set Creation

  • Setting up a live performance/DJ rig in Ableton Live

  • Incorporating MIDI controllers and instruments

  • Creating and performing with a live set or DJ set

  • Tips for engaging live performances and improvisation

  • recording acoustic instruments & voice for your compositions or live

Learn with a community of like-minded musicians who share your passion for music, spirituality, and technological innovation. Engage in live sessions, workshops, & group activities that inspire creativity, foster collective growth, & support each other's empowerment, evolution, & expression.

  • I will also will be sharing sample packs & resource sheets to get you started

  • All genders welcome, just centered on a more feminine embodied approach

  • More info to come....

  • Early Bird till the end of 2023 $888 then goes up to $1111 on 1/1/24

  • For more payment options & details please go to: 


Early Bird: Creatrix : Online Music Mentorship 2~8~24 - 3~7~24

$1,111.00 Regular Price
$888.00Sale Price
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