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The Imagi-Nation

An intro & overview of the basics: Explore a few of the vast array of features within Ableton Live to start understanding & unlocking its potential as a conduit for your artistic & spiritual expression.  There will be a meditation to tune in to your inner musician, declare our intentions on the new moon in a group to help inspire creativity, foster collective growth, & support each other's empowerment, evolution, & expression. Start the path of bringing your songs out into the world!

New song announcement!   Sunbathe is out now!  This song was originally inspired by honeymoon vibes & progressed into a more of a cosmic tantric love song that goes beyond destination travel.  How making love with someone you love can make you feel like you are traveling around the world or even the cosmos & that feeling that no matter where you are, it can feel like a honeymoon if you are with the right person, even if you are just at home.

Music Composition & Production by Imagika Om & Beatty

Vocals & Lyrics by Imagika Om

Artwork by Bluetech & Vajra based on a vision I had for this song.

The Magic Moon Planner is out now to help you get ready for 2024, & just in time for Christmas gifting!  People often ask me how I manage my time & projects, & this is how!  I love sharing my process with others, & not only is it functional but it’s also fun!  Link in bio~

Set your intentions for 2024! This planner helps you plan with the moon in mind & turn your resolutions & intentions into achievable goals.

Includes:~Moon Manifestation Techniques, Moon Magic Activities.

~ A dated monthly moon calendar illustrated with the four major moon phases for each month & also includes Equinoxes & Solstices in Pacific Standard Time.

~ Monthly moon questions for honing in on your intentions, to assess your progress & what you want to manifest each moon & month. Tips on how to utilize the moon to fuel your goals!~ A weekly planner for jotting down appointments for each day in a weekly format & To-Do lists. Does not include a daily or hourly planner.

~ Goal manifestation sheets for exploring what you want to achieve & manifest for 2024, get clear on what you want to focus on creating for 2024, worksheets to help you with your goal steps for the year, as well as monthly goal setting pages & reflections.

~ Sample of worksheets include Life Inventory, Mind Reset, Letting Go, Manifesting, Exploring Abundance, Creating Affirmations, Space for Gratitude, Intention pages, Lists for your favorite things, Bucket List, Creating your Best Day, Focus of the Month & Year, Habit Tracker, Period Tracker & more! 231 pages

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