I know there are many people worried about ”they”

but I have way more faith & belief in “us”

for when “we” become truly united and strong in our own power

“they” would not be much

we are everything encompassing this planet

the whole of this world

made up of 7.8 billion people!

that to me is so powerful!

way more powerful then a small “they” could ever be

imagine what we can do when we are truly in our power,

& rooted in our collective connection

when we rise our consciousness to critical mass

we can be strong

& rooted in love & compassion

to create a new way on Earth that has never been seen before.

I invite you to focus on “us” more then “they”

get your own self in order

everything that you believe others could do to you,

where do you have that within yourself

root out your own need for control

your own fear of losing control

let go of distractions

so we can rise to a new possibility

Claim your power

Empower yourself & others in real ways

Learn spiritual & practical tools

Let go of projections, misdirections, blame

or reasons outside of yourself as to why you can’t feel your own power

with scenarios of what “they” can do

for if we are all truly in our own power

“they” can do nothing

I would much rather put energy

into what we can do

then what “they” can do

look into yourself

really feel & know your own power

if we as a whole truly felt our power

nobody could take it from us

we can handle whatever comes our way

if we are united & whole

but its up to us

to rise in our consciousness & awareness to new levels

its time for us to claim our strength as a whole

its so obvious that we are connected

for better and for worse

and we collectively co-create with our thoughts